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Margarita Zulueta

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Design Research, Product Design, Interaction Design, UX/UI


Visual Communication, Design Strategy, Creative Direction, UX/UI


Product Design, Service Design, Branding, Design Strategy,  Research


Creating safer online dating spaces for fat femmes

Design Research, Interaction Design,  Service Design, UI

I'm a product designer with a focus on experiences of connection and discovery.

As part of my 7+ years of experience in graphics and product design, I work on processes and products that aim to address how we might better connect people to services and products that can serve them and uplift their lives.  

Select Work

Designing equitable products and services for fat-identifying women
Using a digital platform and branding to attract climate entrepreneurs
Core77 Awardee in Consumer Tech and Home & Living.
💐    YSL Beauty US
Designing the product discovery experience in fragrance  and makeup
Reporting the current state of Climate Tech. Highlights of the report are featured on Bloomberg.
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