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Drinking water could be more sustainable.


We received the following awards in the Core77 Design Awards "Consumer Technology" category and "Home and Living category" and were featured editorially on Core77.

We also realized that we would need to develop the VODA product system further by coordinating with scientists who focus on water filtration on developing the mixtures, testing the physical prototype with more materials, and doing market testing to see how responsive this product would be in use.


We waste a lot of plastic while we drink water.

According to National Geographic, “A million plastic beverage bottles were purchased each minute as of 2017,” which leads to heavy plastic waste.

Environmental consultant group, Dovetail Partners notes "the U.S. has the highest total consumption of bottled water in the world – 13.7 billion gallons in 2017".

Healthline says that tap water is better for the environment, so why do so many people still drink bottled water?

🔎 Observation

Users would discuss not only sustainability concerns, but health concerns about their local contaminants in their water supply. 

😮 Insight

When users thought about cleaning up the planet, they also considered how their health is affected by local environmental factors. Everyone's locality is different, so why aren't our filtration mixtures?

Geospecific Needs

Water quality is key to our health, but not everyone's water contains the same elements. By encouraging drinking water locally to reduce overall personal water filtraiton waste, we need to address local water concerns.

Encourage less waste

With the leader in the market, there is still a lot of plastic waste that comes from disposing the filters and eventually the pitchers. We needed to develop a filter that could be easy to clean and used in conjunction with any pitcher of any kind.

2 Main Opportunities

From our product testing, competitive analysis, and user interviews, we realized that current water filtration products on the market primarily use a charcoal mixture to filter out contaminants. However, that may not necessarily filter out all contaminants in a person's local water supply.

*Note, I was part of developing the ideation but my teammates took the lead on the three dimensional production and printing. The physical VODA system comes in three components: the pitcher, the funnel, and the filter. The funnel and filter are the main points of use for the system.

1) The funnel can be used in conjunction with any pitcher, not just the VODA pitcher, so there is no need to purchase a new pitcher and use additional resources.

2)The filter, unlike those currently on the market, is washable and opens easily so that the filtration mixture can be easily replaceable. This way, the plastic production of the filter container is reduced.

3) The pitcher fits with the VODA system and is sleeker to fit more easily in refrigerator space.

The physical components

*Note: I took the lead on this development.


From our competitive analysis, we confirmed that most consumers do their shopping online and to easily reach them we developed an eCommerce platform that highlights the VODA system of products.

1) The eCommerce experience allows users to not only purchase the components individually or in a bundle, but also features zip code input to determine the geospecific filtration mixture to be sent to the user.

2) The platform also includes an option to buy a limited geospecific filtration quantity needed for any travel they take out of their local area.

The eCommerce platform

First Round of Hi-Fi Frames of the VODA Mobile App

The VODA system is a change from previous personal water filtration systems, so we developed a campaign to highlight the benefits of using the VODA system or VODA components for health and sustainability.

1) We highlighted that the funnel and the filter were the necessary components of the system via the campaign to show that VODA is pitcher agnostic to reduce plastic and additional spending on purchasing another pitcher.

2) We also developed a campaign to illustrate how the filtration mixture focuses on filtering out your local contaminants unlike leading products currently on the market.

The VODA campaign


a personal water filtration system

How might personal water filtration become cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable for at-home use?


SVA MFA Products of Design


Hlynur Atlason


2021 for 11 weeks


Margarita Zulueta, Anne Keating, Zekun Yang


Adobe CC (Photoshop, Illustrator, XD), Figma, 3D modeling


Secondary research, Product testing, 3D modeling, Interviews, User journeys, Behavior mapping, UI/UX, Information Architecture, Usability testing, Rapid Prototyping, Ideation, Art direction, Storyboarding

What we did

As a group we conducted user interviews on general water consumption, did market research on current filtration products and their functionality and how people would access them. We also conducted company analysis regarding their sales channels, marketing channels, and sustainability focuses. We then used the insights we gathered from the interviews and feature analysis to synthesize our observations into insights. From there we did ideation of both product and experience systems, developed storyboards for concept testing, and began developing the physical prototype and subsequent packaging development. 


Main point for producing the


of product and experience on the eCommerce platform as a tool not only to potentially sell the product, but also illustrate the various capabilities of the VODA water filtration system

My lead contributions

Main point for producing the


direction of the eCommerce site and of the branding campaigns to illustrate the features of VODA

💻 Desktop Site

👆Tablet Site

📱Mobile Site

📱Mobile App

What does this digital system comprise of?

I designed four components: the desktop site, the tablet site, the mobile site, and the mobile application. All of these sites contain shopping capabilities with the app serving more as a filter maintenance / replenishment function.

The first round of e-commerce development centered solely on using the mobile app as a shopping and educational experience. The app design had multiple features including shopping capabilities, explanations of the VODA system, and a quiz to discover the geospecific mixture needed.

Users gave the following feedback:

1) The text is hard to read and very small.

2) The VODA system capabilities are not clear.

3) Ordering from a site is more comfortable.

Initial Pass

Product Preview

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